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1841 CENSUS:
For anyone over 15yrs old, ages were rounded down to the nearest age divisible by 5 (i.e. anyone aged 20-24 were shown as aged 20). It indicates if they were born in that county or “another”.

1851 CENSUS: At least this was required to be completed in ink, unlike 1841. It shows a household number but this is NOT a house number. This census did show relationship to head of household for the first time and correct ages were shown for the first time

In later census you will usually see / or //. A single diagonal line shows the end of a household record, a double line shows the same but within a single dwelling occupied by several households.

If the person you hope to find is not shown- they may have been elsewhere on the day the census was taken.

Select the census county adjacent (currently houses around 152,000 records, more being continually added)....

1841 CENSUS: 7th June
1851 CENSUS: 30th March
1861 CENSUS: 7th April
1871 CENSUS: 2nd April
1881 CENSUS: 3rd April
1891 CENSUS: 5th April
1901 CENSUS: 31st March