NOTE: ALL years are modernised where we’ve been able to see original records.


Our own (& contributor’s) small pieces of research, and records from folk wanting help from anyone with matching name interests. Currently 46,461 “odds and ends” records (updated monthly). A useful database grown from the smallest pieces of information. Includes many UK-wide strays “found”!.

People who’ve allowed us to re-engineer & format their researched records for include the indefatigable Mike Spencer, Ernie Drabble MBE, Marjorie Ward, Barb Mallar, John Mead, Annette Watson, Sandra Love, Dr Kathy Miller, Tony Millward, Roger Hellings, and many others.

Local Records

Large batches of useful contributions from researchers on a single place are always welcome. This is where you’ll find large batches of searchable records for ONE place, and are in addition to anything in the GenoGold database. or local community pages for villages etc needing help on their ancestry research or wanting to post useful information about records for their area. Currently houses over 290,000 records

Want a page for your village or town? This is a new section which will grow quickly.

Single Subject

Single subject areas of interest - either themed subjects (i.e. UK executions)

Site Owners Family Tree

Our own family trees, “work in progress”! Counties covered include Devon, Cornwall, Derbyshire, Suffolk, Middlesex, Somerset, Nottinghamshire:- names include Turner, Eveleigh, Tansley, Phillips, Morley, Knowles, Barker, Vincent, Poundall, Slater, Crapp, Barlow, Sumption, Goldsworthy, Staton, Brokenshire, Colwill, Poulton, Smith, Fox, Liddicoat, Jenkin, Trethewey and more..hundreds of surnames!

One Name Studies

A small but growing list of contributions from folk who have offered their own one-name studies to help others. Remember, there will be other surnames within each list due to marriages etc so they are always worth having a scan through these.

Diaries and Letters

This is a section we’d love to see grow, if you have anything you’d like to be displayed do contact us