GenoGold Data Store: searchable database of  small pieces of data that may just be your “missing link”. Contributions by family historians who want to share research to help others and / or obtain help themselves. Currently 47,242 UK records, growing by around 2000 records per month .

“Summary” tab (right) shows a place-by place total of the no’ of records in this database, just for interest.

Perform a search by clicking the “GenoGold” tab (below right):

Special thanks to Derbyshire’s Mike Spencer for allowing us to use his prolific notes from his county, and to Ernie Drabble, MBE, Marjorie Ward, Annette Watson, Dr Kathy Miller, John Mead, Barb’ Mallar, Roger Hellings, Sandra Love and Tony Millward for allowing us to re-engineer their research notes.
(NB: Roger Hellings’ Heanor Marlpool records are listed as Event Type “Grave”,  the dates referred to in results are actual burial dates)

BEFORE searching please read these short guide notes:-

SEARCH: you can use just the first few letters of a name. Event types searchable are Birth, Baptism, Grave, Banns, Death, Marriage, MEO (memorial, epitaph or obituary), ANEC (anecdotal records). Where a date is shown as the 1st of a month the event occurred during that month, but not always on the 1st day of the month.

RR NUMBERS: each entry has a unique Record Reference (“RR”) number, you can ask us to tag your email address to an individual record if it connects to your own research and you want others to be able to contact you about it. You can look at specific records mentioned in another record by entering the indicated digits into the relevant search box