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 by kind permission of David Parker (): djparkerClick on the names within this text to access the information. David has provided two spreadsheets: BURGOYNE (descendants of Bartholomew Burgoyne) and CLATWORTHY (desecendants of William Clatworthy. Each document has 2 sheets within, one showing census findings for the name, and the other showing records associated with the name, all from David’s own research

One Name Study - Mee
Information kindly donated by Bob Mee, born in Spondon, Derby UK, now in Australia’s capital Canberra. Most of this study relates to records from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, and some USA records. He is very happy to be contacted about his records and has provided a full list of his resources. Bob is emailable bob 

This study click-link (click on “Mee” above) will take you to a table of names, dates and events from Bob’s research, and each name has a click-link to a numbered sheet which will show you where they fit into the family tree. Some names appear twice as they appear on more than one sheet. Other names appearing in this study via marriage etc include: Howett, Wilson, Gilbert, Fisher, Stretton, Travest, Dolman, Martin, Kniveton, Babcock/Baldcoc, Dalton, Marriott, Topleys, Potter, Bouthouse, Juxson, Holmes, Bower, Oliver, Grundy, Frignal, Whitelocks
here for background information provided by Bob about the name and its origins.


One Name Study - Worthy
Information kindly donated by Martin Worthy, following his own research in Derbyshire. Many other surnames are included in here (too many to list)  so take a look! Martin is happy to be contacted on  mjrworthy if you have a matching name interest