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This page tells you what you’ll be able to access. All records use modernised years.

Not exhaustive for a subject or place, but you might find “yours”! Access it via the “Databases” button. A collection of records, each insufficient to make a dedicated place-database worthwhile, but searchable in here and are exclusive of the other databases on the site.  You can ask to have a few records displayed -  to share, or attract help for further information from other site-users. Growing by around 2000 records per month.

It includes references from old books, documents, ad hoc births, marriages, deaths, epitaphs, burials, grave/headstone records we’ve collected ourselves and from contributors. The “Tag” column on a results page will indicate if the contributor can be emailed..some ask not to receive enquiries, we don’t mind but their records may help you). Contributors include
Mike Spencer, Marjorie Ward, Roger Hellings, Dr Kathy Miller, Annette Watson, Sandra Love, John Mead, Revd. David Greig, and Tony Millward - their records form local studies, including focusing on strays from other places. Don’t limit your search to the county you thought your ancestor was in!

See the “Databases” and “Census”  links to the left. There are specialised databases you can search in addition to GenoGold  (above). Many are currently by kind permission of Kathy and Richard Miller, Jane McHugh in Ontario, Lorna Baines in Felixstowe, Mike Jolliffe in Ontario, Annette Watson in Lismore Australia, Bob Mee in Queensland Australia,  Revd. M Cooney in Lincolnshire, Martin Worthy, Diane Donohue, Peter Heal, Michael J. McCormick in Cornwall, Ann Hunt in the Orkney’s, and David Parker. More awaiting upload are from all over the UK.

If you’d like to add your email address to an existing record so folk can contact you - or add key records of your own to help others, or gain help on the records yourself (or a link to your own site), please click on the “Submit Data/Contact Us” link to the left,
and please read the short Legal page first

On our “Links” page there are some great gateways to other sites which hold “gold dust” data. Again they are mainly focused on smaller communities of family history or geographical areas. Genuki and the OPC Scheme for parts of the UK can be linked to from here also.