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It’s Mine ! - Tag Me !

If you find a record in the main GenoGold UK Data Store that relates to your own family tree, you can ask us to tag your contact email address to the Record Reference numbers - so that site users can ask you more or share further data with you. Email us using the link below asking to be tagged and listing the RR (Record Reference) numbers you’d like to be tagged to.

I want to share some verified data

If you want to display some new records, contact us. Please describe the data, quantity of records, what format (i.e. spreadsheet, access database, plain typed word, hard copy paper etc so we can estimate the work needed to re-engineer it). Also tell us how you obtained the data originally (so we don’t break any copyright laws!). Tell us if you’d like to have your email address tagged to it so site users can make contact if they find it of interest, or if you wish to remain anonymous (if so, do you want your name credited instead?) Please read our short Legal page to put your mind at rest.

I want to contact the site owners

To: tell us your email address has changed (if you are a contributor), or to comment on the site, or ask about any records tagged to ourselves at GenoGold, or to tell us about a problem / failed link, or to ask if your own website can be linked to GenoGold etc etc, we like your feedback!
            The mail form is back, it’s much easier to use !

CONTACT US: using the mail form