FAQ - Problems - Issues

1. What Internet Browser Should I be Running ?
The Genogold site is tested with Netscape V7 and Internet Explorer V6, if you are experiencing unexpected responses from the web site I would recommend that you first upgrade your internet browser software to at least one of these versions or higher. An updated internet browser can be commonly found on any internet style magazine which comes with a CD.

2. Why can’t I See all of the Data on the Screen ?
The site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. I know this, to some people, might seem high but is more the norm now and is best suited to the database records that this site displays

3. What does Internal Server Error mean ?
Since moving from an Access ADO database to mySQL you should’nt have this problem anymore.

4. If I submit records & my email address, will I be at risk from “SPAM”/junk mail?
No, GenoGold is not susceptible to this kind of attack as as it is a database-driven site where the content is dynamic and relies on a search page i.e. the pages are created “on the fly”. Email addresses of contributors don’t sit in a visible web page archive (as in a mailing list forum-type site where archived emails are visible), so ours cannot be captured by spam/email crawling software. This type of attack does happen on static pages where you email address can be seen just by pulling up a web page..but not here. 

5. I get timed-out
If you have done large search which takes a while to download (specifically on the Plymouth 1891 census!), it may time you out. Refresh, and you should be right back. Timeouts are now quite rare since moving to an SQL database platform

6. Would you recommend any particular genealogy/family tree package ?
I have been through the lot with a few simple requirements: I want to be able to publish my tree to the internet, the published site should represent all my tree and I would like to see my tree in a graphical form whilst having a structure about it.

Answer: Now that GenoPro V2.0 has been released (15th December 2006) I would thoroughly recommend it, I find it so easy to use and publish to the web. The product has been branded GenoPro 2007.

Download an evaluation here